Monday, 18 December 2017

Orgasms...and other thoughts.

This post is inspired by M's generosity on Saturday.

I reminded her, that despite having spent half my merit points buying Christmas presents for her, I still had about 20 points left. This would be enough for 4 ruined orgasms (5 points each required) or one full orgasm (15) and one ruined.

I am not allowed to ask for sex, it must be offered. So I was operating close to the border with this observation. In any event she said cheekily "and are you looking to spend some points now?" I replied in the affirmative and she agreed to allow me a ruined orgasm. In any event she is happy to reduce my credits to a lower level.

It felt great. Frustrating but great. My previous orgasm was on Oct 6 ( I could not remember without looking at my diary). That was my 3rd full orgasm of 2017, having had a "paid" one in March and a "free" on in June, one of two free I get each year. The next free O is the week after next! In between, I get ruined orgasms, probably about 5 or 6 so far this year.

The frequency of my releases has dropped considerably since the start of our relationship.  M notices, and it is true, that my service level drops considerably after an O. She estimates that I need 1 to 2 weeks to return to a high service level after a full O, but only a couple of days after a ruined O.

I wonder why I still get offered full O's. I am starting to fear the downs more than M does. O's have become bitter sweet. But M loves to see that "mental fight" written all over my face too !

Despite the rarity of my orgasms, I can safely say that I never had more sexual attention  in my life than over the past two years. A Queen of tease and denial is M. Nothing brings her more joy than bringing me to the edge and then playing with my sensitive nipples as I fight to hold everything in. She laughs.

Finally, as you will have seen, M found a "Schnuller", a childs dummy, in the supermarket on Saturday evening. I am certain that the purchase was influenced by her desire to bring me back in my service role as quickly as possible. In any event, it is a further restriction on me at night and early in the morning and such restrictions do seem to serve to return me more quickly to a highly attentive state.

And that is something that we both want!


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