Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The toilet seat was up again...

As M outlined in an earlier post, from the outset of living together, we signed a contract  governing our relationship.  Of course, it is not legally binding. Nevertheless, we are both the type to view it as a serious commitment to each other.

Although not a lawyer, M is professionally experienced and skilled in drafting contracts. She did a magnificent job in drafting ours. It is very one-sided, but that is what we had spoken about and agreed.

One aspect that is covered there is her right to punish me. As I was reading my punishment novel today my mind wandered to other punishments she has meted out.

I have an annoying habit of leaving the toilet seat up. Somehow, I think that I am not the only man to cause such annoyance! Spankings did not seems to cure the fault.

Recently, she came up with a novel approach. She produced a Christmas card that needed to be coloured in by hand. She said, "this is the card you will send to your parents at Christmas so I want you to use your very best efforts to make it nice". Not one of my better skills. "And because you left the toilet seat up earlier, you will sit in front of the toilet and use the closed seat as your table".

One hour and twenty minutes later I was finished. Since then, I have managed to avoid a repeat.

It was certainty a creative punishment and probably more effective in this case than another spanking.



  1. Creative punishments are super cool, or better: super hot. Too bad only few people are into it.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tina.

    Naturally, I have asked for and received permission to reply to you. I do not want 500 punishment lines and a spanking from M again, this having been your advice to M two years ago, I having made a stupid mistake which led to the new rule.

    As you wrote on your blog, punishment lines are very effective. I will never forget the lesson I was taught or the words you suggested to M that led to probably 10 hours of writing. "M ist die Frau meines Lebens, und ich darf nur fuer sie und an sie schreiben."


    1. Hello, I could not believe Inhad been caught again leaving it up! I said to my wife does it realy matter! She looked a tme in tehway sehas which meant your gong to feel my new long rattan cane! I went for it and humbly handed it to her to her my hands qyuickly covering my buttocks!In amoment she turned me around and pulled my shrots down and gave me 4 slaps on each cn each cheek! Then I obeyed her order and beet down my bum still bare and hsd 10 sharp strokes on my bum and 3 the backs of my thighs! Jac, rubbing my poor burning bum ! My corner time proved to be quite 'revealing' to our part time cleaner


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