Monday, 9 April 2018

A fews days back :-)

You know that feeling. You have been in the office for 3 hours after holidays and you wonder were you away at all! Both M and I had it last week.

We were both once again back to working long hours against tight deadlines. I had caught a cold skiing so it was a real struggle. I infected M during the week and she is now down with sore throat and all the usual symptoms.

That said, the weather this weekend was great and we barbequed both evenings. The first evening was with M's family. Wow, did she boss me around. On four occasions I was sent to fetch something and bring it back to her. And another time she demanded my mobile phone as I was using it because she wanted to surf for something. He brother actually laughed. Naturally I complied immediately.

I felt a bit self-conscious  as I sat there in a female T shirt and shorts with my blue sleeveless jacket. At one stage I could feel the strap of my pink bra slipping down over my shoulder and I just hoped it did not fall below the end of the sleeve. It didn't and I managed to adjust it after a while without anyone noticing.

I should have got 6 spanks on Friday as I was 8.5 hours over my contract in the 4 days last week so that ate up all my credit and left me 3 hours over. But with M being ill, she has saved them up to be added to next Fridays lot.

I am away on a foreign business trip next week for 4 days. It will coincide with M's periods and she told me tonight that I can forget about wearing normal underwear when I am away. I will be wearing the strings! Not exactly ideal for an airplane and long days in a conference, but as M likes to remind me often....the rules are the rules.



  1. I am glad to hear that M dominated you in front of her family. Did they say anything about it or about the way you were dressed?

  2. She dressed me borderline. It was all female but close enough to pass if you didn't look too closely. He brother laughed at one stage when she demanded my mobile phone, as I related in the post. Whether they also said something when I was not there, or later, I have no idea. But they already know who wears the trousers in our house!

  3. But do they know who wears the panties? :)


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