Thursday, 28 December 2017

Surprise shopping trip

I did not get time to properly shop for Christmas presents this year...I got Hanna a couple of items, but I normally buy some lingerie or similar items, to delight her and remind her who she really is.

So I decided to surprise her this evening. She was at work today while I am still on holidays. When she got home I told her we were going shopping.

I enjoyed shopping with her. I liked to see the panic on her face as I selected ever more difficult clothing for her to wear in public. In the end, I settled on a t-shirt that, while female, is close enough to pass, if somebody does not look too closely. I also bought a female knitted hoodie. Hanna expressed doubts about wearing this. No matter, she will be wearing it when we visit friends on New Year's Eve !

I also bought her a sexy red neglige. It was a bargain at €7. And finally a set of 5 thong panties. She was less than sympathetic recently when I had bad period pains, so in future she will wear these each month when I have my period, to remind her.

Wishing our readers a Happy New Year.


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