Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dressing up for M

I decided to cycle to work again today. As I heard our neighbor scrape ice from his windscreen I wondered if that was still a good idea!. It was just above freezing. In any event, I got to work still in one piece, if a little cold.

Cycling always leads to a later arrival home in the evening as the journey by bike is about half an hour longer than driving. When I got in M was very stressed. She had a busy day at work, and had a list of things to do after work, most of which I should have done, shopping, laundry and car washing among them. In addition she had problems with an online booking and was kept waiting on helplines trying to sort the mess.

I did my best to cheer her up as I made the evening meal. In the end, everything was sorted ad she could finally relax on the sofa and watch some TV. Just as I was getting ready to go upstairs to change from my cycling clothes, she called me back.

"I had to do so much of your work because you were late home" she said. I protested (politely) that she could have left the tasks and I would have had to do them anyway. But she was not happy with that. She thought for a minute and said "I need cheering up. OK...go and get changed , but I want you to dress up really nicely for me....make a real effort to look your very best, and I want you to use make-up on your face too". That is something she never said before and something I never did before.

So I did as she asked. It took me quite a while. Foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick.  I put on heels and a leather skirt with a red top and a matching red and black scarf.  She approved and it cheered her up. She had me stand there for a few minutes, occasionally chuckling as she watched her TV show.

She then showed me a "Steppweste" , a quilted vest, that she had bought for me in shopping.  I had asked for one as I am sometimes a bit cold in the office. However I had expected a man's vest. Instead, she bought the female one.You can see the exact picture to the side. She claims it is almost the same, but to me it has a very female cut. I pleaded with her that I not wear it in work. She will decide tomorrow. I am not happy.

Having read the blog post , she told me to ask for readers opinions and she will take these into account in making her decision so please let me know what you think.


Monday, 29 January 2018

Something forgotten! Etwas vergessen.

We travelled to the mountains over the weekend to go skiing. Hanna forgot to bring one of her bras. We were both very stressed out with work but that's not an acceptable excuse. As a punishment she had to wear with one of my bras all weekend. Cup C and therefore far too big. She can feel lucky that I just brought my sports bras. M

Wir sind uebers Wochende zum Skilaufen in die Berge gefahren. Hanna hat vergessen, einen ihrer BHs mitzubringen. Wir waren beide von der Arbeit ziemlich gestresst. Aber das ist keine Entschuldigung. Als Strafe musste sie dann das ganze Wochenende mit einem meiner BHs rumlaufen. Cup C und daher viel zu gross. Sie kann von Glueck sagen, dass ich nur meine Sportsbras mitgebracht habe. M

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Suffering with M

As recounted by M in her post last month" Surprise Shopping Trip", she decided to buy me a 5 pack set of thong panties to wear on the days she has her period. It is meant to engender a bit more sympathy.

So Monday, Tuesday and today I have been wearing them. I hope tomorrow will be the last day.  We have a long weekend planned to kick off our skiing this year and that would not be the most comfortable attire :-).

M has allowed me 2 weeks without nail varnish on my toenails. After 8 weeks they were extremely brittle and cracked.

We are both still busy in work but less hectic than at the start of the month. I am doing well in curbing my working hours and I hope to escape and punishment on Friday. M tried out her riding crop on Monday night. Just two swats. I get credit for them against my next punishment! The pain was different to the wooden spoon. I think the latter is sorer. We will see. I might change my mind when she gets the hang of the crop.


Sunday, 21 January 2018

With friends at a restaurant. Restaurantbesuch mit Freunden

Am Samstag waren wir mit Freunden in einem Restaurant. Es war sehr laut, weil Live-Musik war. Ich habe kurzerhand beschlossen, alles fuer Hanna zu bestellen. Das Getraenk, das Hauptgericht, das Dessert. Am Ende kam die Kellnerin und fragte Hanna, ob sie noch etwas bestellen wolle. Ich sagte, nein, nichts mehr. Spaeter fragte die Kellnerin dann Hanna persoenlich, ob sie nicht doch noch mal etwas fuer sie selbst bestellen wolle. Hanna sagte natuerlich gehorsam "nein". Das fand ich sehr gut. Bezahlt habe ich natuerlich auch. Unsere Freunde, die nicht wissen, dass wir eine FLR-Beziehung haben, haben sich sehr gewundert.


On Saturday we were in a restaurant with friends. There was live music so it was loud and somewhat difficult to talk without shouting. I spontaneously decided to order everything for Hanna; the drink, the main course, the dessert. In the end, the waitress came and asked Hanna if she wanted to order anything else. I answered instead, "no, nothing more". Later, the waitress returned and asked Hanna personally if she would like to order something for herself. Of course Hanna obediently said "no". That pleased me. Of course, I also paid. Our friends, who do not know that we have an FLR relationship, were very surprised.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Weekend away

M and I have been somewhat swamped in our respective jobs in the first two weeks of January. So it was with some reluctance that we agreed to return to my home country at short notice last weekend, accepting an invitation to a birthday celebration. Taking yesterday off work was a stretch for us both. In fact we have both worked very long days today to catch back up.

All that said, we had a really nice weekend away and M met two of my sisters for the first time. We were in a gastropub on Sunday with my sister and her hubby. It was not so warm, in fact it was decidedly chilly. So after about 10 minutes M told me to walk around and see what other seats were free.

I came back to tell her there was  a free table at the other side to which she replied..."and is it warmer there ?" I had no idea. So she sent me back with the instruction to wait a minute and report back if it was warmer (which it was, marginally).  What my sister made of all of this, I have no idea. I did not ask!

Next day, as M and I took a stroll together, she handed me her handbag to carry as it was heavy and she could not be bothered anymore. So for the next 20 minutes we walked along together with me carrying her handbag.

Not much else to report, except seven edgings Sunday morning that drove me wild! She also had one contraceptive pill left over which she gave to me to swallow!

It will be a very busy few weeks for us both until the end of January but we will try to blog nevertheless. In any case, I am likely to be over my contracted work hours again and M is itching to use her new riding crop!


Friday, 5 January 2018

No spanking tonight

On many Friday evenings I get a spanking. At the end of the week, if I have not curbed my workaholic tendencies, I get one hard blow of the wooden spoon for each hour I worked over the contract. It is usually between four and six but on the odd week it can be more.

Thankfully  at present I am in "credit". I have a minus balance of four hours having taken a "time in lieu" day at the end of December. In any event, spanking would be impossible today as M woke up  with a very sore arm. She feels she must have slept in an awkward position. In any event raising her right arm is very painful. Using her new riding crop will have to wait.

So tonight will be a night of home therapy. Light massage, ultrasound, infra red sauna and tiger balm. In fact I developed a back spasm on holidays that was not getting better and M has been helping me with this, all of this week, with some success. So now it turns 180 degrees and she needs my help more.

We were both back to work this week and it was a very stressful week for us both in our respective offices.  We are both "kaputt".  The weekend is welcome. As they say here... "Hoch die Haende, Wochenende"!

I am beginning to come back from my orgasm of a week ago. It definitely changes how I feel and it takes a while to get fully back in service mode. That said, I have continued to carry my allotted load...such as evening meals. That is expected by us both.


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