Monday, 14 May 2018

Eating Humble Pie

Well not quite humble pie per sae.....Asparagus.

M loves it. She cooked a saucepan full last Thursday, which was a public holiday here. She cooked it for both of us, knowing that I didn't want to eat it. But she didn't care.

In the end I swallowed one, just one. And that without chewing.Not very adventurous.

On Friday, M let me know how disappointed she was with my behavior. She said she was cooking it again Sunday and she expected no repeat of my behavior Thursday.

Saturday night she did a hypnosis session with me where she implanted that I would eat the asparagus, normally, without discussion and without making faces. She can't fully hypnotize me but it definitely has an effect. We have tried it before and it is behavior modifying to some degree.

As added incentive she offered me a "rebate" of one less blow with the wooden spoon for each asparagus eaten. I have worked a lot of hours recently and I was due 40 "Schlaege" (German for blows or hits).

So I did as she directed and ate 26 asparagus stalks, without making faces or resisting in any way.

Humble pie indeed.

I am back wearing my strings again at the moment, Sunday to Thursday.


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