Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A few days away.

M and I are on a short break before Easter. So, it seems, are half of Germany, judging by the amount of traffic on the roads last weekend. We required 70% more travel time than the Sat Nav had first announced!

M had a new surprise for me before we left for the trip. She told me that the clothes and other things that she wanted to bring on the trip were lying on her bed. She told me to go upstairs and pack them!
When we got to our destination, naturally my job was also to unpack and put her clothes in the wardrobe and her toiletries in the bathroom.

I have been skiing in the mornings. M has limited interest in skiing, partaking occasionally. As the snow softens up quickly in the afternoon, I don't bother skiing past 2pm. Instead we have cycled a couple of afternoons.

M loves the feeling of "remote control", so when I go skiing she insists that I wear a sports bra and a female base layer. She says I can think of her whenever I become aware of them and maybe I will also ski more carefully. The first is true, the second not!

This afternoon, we went on a city trip, sadly spoiled by heavy rain, not previously forecasted. For the first time, M had me wear shiny trousers, that she bought for me some time ago. I was self-conscious the whole time. Naturally all the other clothes, apart from my shoes, were female too, albeit close enough almost to pass. This included the female knitted hoody that she bought on our surprise shopping trip. At least it covered up the t-shirt which is also an M purchase. On it, in shiny silver letters is Be Different spelled backwards!! However, such little advantages matter little when one is wearing shiny trousers!

We ate in a restaurant tonight. Thankfully it was almost empty when we entered and we got a place in the corner of the room. Unfortunately, as we were leaving it was already quite full and I had to run the gauntlet of the entire room to the exit. I did not make eye contact with anyone but felt a thousand eyes looking in my direction as I passed. Probably my overactive imagination, but nevertheless it was a very uncomfortable feeling for me. My ski tan hopefully hid my blushing cheeks!



  1. I have been looking at the photo of 21 March 2018. You have nice knees. M should make you wear a miniskirt in public.

    1. I prefer to dress Hanna in clothes that are close to the edge, not over it. I enjoy seeing her panic.


  2. Do you like to have Hanna in shorts in warm weather? I was talking to a friend of my partner (an older woman) and she said she likes looking at bare male legs.

  3. Hanna has shorts (female denim) and she wears them in summer. I do not particularly like looking at her bare legs, because she has cycling veins! Better when she can wear tights!

  4. Tights are OK, at least they show the shape of those cute knees!


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