Thursday, 24 May 2018

Holidays...idea generation time for M

We are currently on holiday. The weather has been unseasonably cold but we have nevertheless got out and about and cycled quite a bit.

Because we at usually so busy when working, it can be difficult to take the time to think about our FLR and bring something new. M pushes me on holiday and she demands my instant attention to her needs. She says always, this holiday I have booked "all inclusive"!

Today for example, it was particularly cold on our return cycling trip with a biting north easterly wind. M was frozen, so she took a long hot shower and went to bed with an electric blanket to try to warm up. She told me to fill a hot water bottle, which I did. I made her a cup of tea and I heated up a jam bun for her to eat. She then told me to take her damp clothing and find a good place for them to dry out.

After I had also showered, I got into bed to spoon M. She did not need to ask. I knew it was expected. So she lay there, still really cold, with her electric blanket, hot water bottle and human hot water bottle (me!). I started to say something to her and she simply replied...I want to go to sleep because then I will wakeup warm. Now, staying quiet and not talking is one of the most difficult things for me to do, but I immediately complied. We lay there for and hour until M was warm. In between we both drifted in an out of sleep.

I complied with M's wishes so readily, not only because it was the correct thing to do, which it was, but because not doing so risked increased pain tomorrow morning. M has thought about the FLR and determined that she is introducing daily maintenance spanking each morning from now on, also once the holiday is over. I get five with a wooden spoon as I lie across the bed. If I scream out or move , the five will start over again. So far I have managed it, but it takes real effort because the pain is severe.

After M was warm, she told me that I should start to pack her things as we will be moving on, early morning, in two days time and tomorrow we will be very busy meeting friends. So I got her suitcase and she instructed me which clothes to pack, which to put aside for me to wash, and which to keep out for her to wear in the next two days. After I finished packing her things, I then packed mine.

It was then time to go out from something to eat and we had a lovely meal overlooking a river. Naturally M had the seat that provided the better view.

I love it when M instructs and pushes me like she did today. It meets my needs, and hers too.


Monday, 14 May 2018

Eating Humble Pie

Well not quite humble pie per sae.....Asparagus.

M loves it. She cooked a saucepan full last Thursday, which was a public holiday here. She cooked it for both of us, knowing that I didn't want to eat it. But she didn't care.

In the end I swallowed one, just one. And that without chewing.Not very adventurous.

On Friday, M let me know how disappointed she was with my behavior. She said she was cooking it again Sunday and she expected no repeat of my behavior Thursday.

Saturday night she did a hypnosis session with me where she implanted that I would eat the asparagus, normally, without discussion and without making faces. She can't fully hypnotize me but it definitely has an effect. We have tried it before and it is behavior modifying to some degree.

As added incentive she offered me a "rebate" of one less blow with the wooden spoon for each asparagus eaten. I have worked a lot of hours recently and I was due 40 "Schlaege" (German for blows or hits).

So I did as she directed and ate 26 asparagus stalks, without making faces or resisting in any way.

Humble pie indeed.

I am back wearing my strings again at the moment, Sunday to Thursday.


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Frustrating time is hopefully nearly over

After my recent mishap,  I am finally starting to walk again without using crutches.  My thoughts are turning to picking up my household duties again. That said, I have tried to do one or two things in the last week, as best I could. I prepared breakfast at the weekend and I did one load of washing. But, for example, standing at the ironing board for a long time was impossible.

M has been very supportive. I offered her a back massage earlier today but she told me that she thinks I am not yet well enough to be doing this. She wants me to take the time to really recover.

Despite the fact that my normal household duties fell by the wayside, M, as always, was very creative in the exercise of her control. One evening for example, she announced that it was bedtime, shortly after I had booted the laptop to surf. It was her way of ensuring my speedy recovery while showing who the boss is, in the house.

The end of April proved to be quite warm here in Germany and M used the opportunity to fetch something she had bought on the surprise shopping trip that I had not yet worn. It was another way of saying, service might be temporarily suspended but don't think you are on equal footing here! I spent the whole week sleeping in the new pink negligĂ©e. Any thoughts of being the alpha male in the household were quickly banished, especially as M took every opportunity to remark how well I looked in my lovely attire!

One thing I can be sure of is that this brief interruption to normal duties has only strengthened M's resolve in respect of the FLR. I can expect to play "catch-up" for quite a while once I am again fully healthy.

We both now have three incredibly busy weeks ahead of us in work as we are both overloaded at present. What will sustain us is the two weeks vacation overseas  that we have planned for the end of May


Holidays...idea generation time for M

We are currently on holiday. The weather has been unseasonably cold but we have nevertheless got out and about and cycled quite a bit. Bec...