Monday, 26 March 2018

Making her addicted

Hanna has an easy key to make my life with her very easy. She has to be really horny and desperate. Then she does everything for me and she has the right attitude. Very important is no real orgasms but instead getting her erect as often as possible. I programmed her, that touching her nipples gets her erect. When she is horny, this only needs 15 seconds and she is "ready".

The key to this behaviour is orgasm denial. She gets free orgasms twice a year. One in December and one in June/July. Everything in between is my decision.

We are on holidays now. Usually she might get one more in between, that means end of March would be the time. But maybe she will get only a ruined orgasm. This lets her come back more quickly - usually after 5 days she is completely back. After a real orgasm she needs nearly 3 weeks to be really back. These days are always very annoying because she complains too much. For example: she gets low credits on our point/money system. Then she says "but I did this, and I did that". I just say "Bullshit!" You didnt have the right attitude at all. And I still had to do so many things, that you didnt see.

So restricting her orgasms puts her in  "hunting mode". This makes it so easy to control her. I can't say it enough. This is the key to a happy relationship.


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