Monday, 27 November 2017

My first ever Tupperware party.

So last Monday, M told me to be home from work earlier than usual. I needed to have the evening meal prepared and fully cleaned up in time to drive her to a friends house for 7pm. She did not want to drive because parking can be difficult. I asked her what the occasion was and she told me it was a girl’s night, a Tupperware party.

So yesterday, I did as instructed and left work somewhat earlier than usual. I was happy to do this as the fewer excess hours I work the fewer spankings I will get on Friday evening. (Either M or I will write about this at some point).

As usual, I changed clothes when I got home. This is a rule that M now enforces more strictly than before, as I had developed a tendency to lounge around in work clothes or cycling gear when I got home, in breach of a stated rule. So I am required to change into female clothing when I come home, to remind me that I am the one who takes the traditional wife role in the relationship. To enforce the rule further, I am not allowed any smartphone or laptop time unless I am fully clothed in female clothes.  That usually does the trick!

So having prepared a very light snack (she was being fed at the party), she said it was time to go. Then she said “If we find a parking spot, you are coming in with me, if not, go home and collect me again when I call”. I protested” but It will be all women there , and I am dressed in quite a female hoody ( and female jeans).”. She was not having any excuses, and just said “So!…and anyway the husband of the hostess wiil be there as he has prepared a few snacks”.

15 minutes later we were there. Lots of cars about, but also a few free parking spaces. I knew what this meant. Tupperware party time instead of home alone looking at football.

There were 5 women at the party in addition to the Tupperware rep. So six women in total. I was thankful there was one other man there. So for the next two hours all aspects of this months special offers from Tupperware were discussed and compared in German. Is this bowl too big? Isn’t that Minnions lunch box cute? Do I need this new apparatus or will my current electric mixer do a better job? Riveting stuff :-(

M also handed me her order form. She had me fill out all her details, find the product codes in the catalogue, complete the order and tot it up. The other women must have been amused. The conversation also strayed to how Tupperware can take over your kitchen space and needs to be sorted out and arranged from time to time. M told them that she has me tidy her cupboard from time to time (which is true…in fact I needed to do it again tonight, just before I wrote this blog). The Tupperware rep said she could not do that as she needed to know herself where everything was. M just responded with a look that said…I don’t!

When it came to paying, she sent me out to get the purse from her handbag and return with it. She enjoyed ordering me around. She also made me eat food that she knew I did not like. When she saw my face after the first mouthful, she made sure to give me more later, knowing that a refusal from me was not an option.

After two and a half hours the party ended and we went home. It was a great night in terms of M exerting and demonstrating her power. I find this irresistible, but of course it can be uncomfortable, tiring or boring at the time. But knowing the context, I feel her power and need it like a drug.

In agreeing the terms of our relationship, two years ago, which we set out in a contract to each other,  I gave M control of “all five food groups”, one of which is control over my free time. And from time to time, she uses an opportunity to remind me!


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