Tuesday, 28 November 2017

ATM Shock

I will be away from M this coming weekend. A short foreign trip. So I needed to get some money, because in our relationship, I don’t have any money. If I want something, I ask M. She usually will say yes because I don’t ask for outrageous things.

So we were cycling through our town last night when we passed an ATM. I asked if I could take out money for the trip, and she agreed. She gave me my bank card and I drew €200 (not that I will spend that much, just for cover).

I then realised, that in my 2 years in Germany, this was the first time I had drawn from an ATM.

It was a shock to realise this, and realise also that the ability to draw money felt very strange. I have simply lost the right to have money. M simply remarked that I had her, what more did I need. Correct as usual. Nothing but her.


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