Saturday, 9 December 2017

Fertig fuer den Urlaub. Ready for holidays

We fly to the sun tomorrow. Badly needed. Both M and I have been incredibly busy in our jobs recently.

So being Saturday today, we lay about in bed. So much better than our normal 6 a.m. alarm clock ordeal. Eventually we stirred ourselves sometime after 9 a.m.  As usual, I prepared breakfast  while M dressed and showered. I had started laundry when M appeared and helped me fold some of the shirts. This she does far better than I.

She retired upstairs after breakfast to dry her hair and start to pack for the holiday. I cleared up and then hauled wood for the wood-burning stove. It is very cold today with a biting wind and snow flurries. 

Having lit the fire, I then prepared a crepe mixture. We had been at the local Christmas market last night and we both had a hankering for crepes (wir hatten Lust, wie man auf Deutsch sagt). Sadly, the crepe stand was closed so M suggested that I make some crepes later when we returned home. Lecker (scrumptious), as the Germans say! Having then noticed that we still have some eggs to finish before the holiday,we decided to have a second helping today!

M was kind to me last night. She allowed me to pick my own nail polish colour for the holiday. What a relief! I choose the "no make up" look. You can feel you have it on, but it almost passes as nothing. It is neutral and matt. The sting in the tail was that she handed me a clear gloss to put on my fingernails today. I need to wear it for the flight but will be allowed to switch to "no make up" when we reach the hotel.

I am so glad to be rid of the turquoise that had screamed out for attention these last two weeks. It is a colour M likes on me, so I will see it many times more.

With "no make up" nail polish, I can relax on that front for now. I wish I could say the same about my tits. I have no idea how I am going to survive on the beach. I will find our Monday.

So we hope to blog a few times while abroad. I have no doubt that I will be pushed close to my limits by M, when the fancy takes her.

O.K. Time for me to prepare lunch and then finish packing......


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