Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Finally here!

So as M has written, we did not have the ideal start to our holiday.7 hours on a runway without moving is no fun. Disembarking to find zero clear information about follow-up options was also not nice.

But spare a thought for the people with young kids, or older people, some of whom were from out of town and had no bed for the night. Or the folks who were due to connect with a cruise ship that had now left port. The airline was unprepared and the few staff were overwhelmed.

In the end we managed to make the rearranged flight the next day. It was a bizarre experience too because our flight never once appreared on the airport monitors and the one and only announcement came at some stage to say that boarding for flight x would commence shortly at gate Y.

We were relieved when the plane left the runway and I was also relieved to find that the car hire was still valid at our arrival airport. M had already taught me a painful lesson  the night before, one that I had no desire to reprise.

We arrived to stormy and rainy conditions, so I have yet to face the humiliation of a public display of tan lines on the beach. We toured around in our hire car yesterday and enjoyed the huge waves that accompanied the storm.

M had not slept well the first night. The pillow was too high so her back was sore when she awoke. I gave her a long back massage which seemed to help and did so later again in the evening, followed by a foot rub with aloe vera cream. We then had dinner in the hotel and M enjoyed having me fetch food and drink for her from the buffet.

The evening concluded with a visit to a local pub. Somehow somewhere, I mislaid the hotel keycard. Luckily we had two. However I need to go to reception today to report it and obtain a replacement. M has made it clear that any charge will be paid by me. Given that I earn on average about $5 per week from M's performance rating sytem, it could be a costly episode for me. I need to be more careful in future.

After M had edged me a few times, we both fell soundly asleep. I type this after a good nights sleep with M still asleep beside me.

This morning we will go to a local street market. I am, by now, a well trained shopping companion. My patience, attentiveness and good humour are the key to a happy experience for both M and I.


PS  no charge for replacing lost card :-)

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