Sunday, 31 December 2017

Free orgasm....with a twist

So I finally got my free orgasm on Friday. I tried to take my time, not rush it and enjoy it. After all, it was only number 4 this year. All was going well until M decided to make things a bit harder for me by rubbing and pinching my nipples. Bang....15 seconds later I exploded into her. She just laughed.What a feeling. My first full orgasm since October 6th.

M had told me before going to bed that she had decided that tonight was "the night". However, she also told me that, to help me not have a "down" after the orgasm, she had decided to tie me up immediately afterwards and spank me with her leather belt.

I pleaded with her to spank me before the orgasm, but she was having none of it. We both knew I would suffer far more, mentally, afterwards.

So, true to her words, she immediately blindfolded me, shoved a sock in my mouth and tied my hands and legs. I just wanted to sleep, LOL. So I then got about 15 lashes with the belt. It stung, but did not leave marks for long. Still, I was squirming throughout. She told me afterwards that every time I get a full orgasm in future, it will be followed by such a session. What a mindfuck that is.

I hate to admit it but I have been a bit more attentive than I usually am after an orgasm, so maybe M is (once again!) correct. She says I am her computer and she knows exactly how to program me!

In some ways I was lucky. She had ordered a riding crop online at Christmas and it arrived yesterday, too late to be used. It looks like a very serious piece of work! I am still waiting to "taste" that particular weapon. I expect she will find some reason to try it out very soon.

That's a wrap for 2017. Happy New Year to all our readers and "Guten Rutsch" as they say here in Germany.


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