Friday, 5 January 2018

No spanking tonight

On many Friday evenings I get a spanking. At the end of the week, if I have not curbed my workaholic tendencies, I get one hard blow of the wooden spoon for each hour I worked over the contract. It is usually between four and six but on the odd week it can be more.

Thankfully  at present I am in "credit". I have a minus balance of four hours having taken a "time in lieu" day at the end of December. In any event, spanking would be impossible today as M woke up  with a very sore arm. She feels she must have slept in an awkward position. In any event raising her right arm is very painful. Using her new riding crop will have to wait.

So tonight will be a night of home therapy. Light massage, ultrasound, infra red sauna and tiger balm. In fact I developed a back spasm on holidays that was not getting better and M has been helping me with this, all of this week, with some success. So now it turns 180 degrees and she needs my help more.

We were both back to work this week and it was a very stressful week for us both in our respective offices.  We are both "kaputt".  The weekend is welcome. As they say here... "Hoch die Haende, Wochenende"!

I am beginning to come back from my orgasm of a week ago. It definitely changes how I feel and it takes a while to get fully back in service mode. That said, I have continued to carry my allotted load...such as evening meals. That is expected by us both.


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