Saturday, 23 December 2017

Holiday over

We are now back home again but it was fantastic to get away from the cold German winter and spend 11 nights in the sun (especially with each other!). We will now be busy, entertaining over Christmas.

Unfortunately we had more delays on the journey back home, but thankfully just 3 hours this time and not the nightmare of the outward journey. Nevertheless it was approaching 1 a.m. when we got home. I did not do much before hitting the bed. I just got the first load of holiday washing started.

One thing I realized on the trip home was how often I will sit in the middle seat on a plane in the future. M has a preference for the aisle or the window seat (as I did previously!). That means seat B of E for me. Such is life, a small price to pay to sit with her.

As it is weekend, I had to wear the sleep mask again last night. M wants a lie in at the weekend and I am not now allowed to leave the bed or wake her. She has extended the face mask rule to Friday and Saturday nights. Thankfully she has not insisted on the dummy too, and I was careful not to give her any reason to re-introduce that.

I lay there, wide awake, but quiet, for perhaps 45 minutes this morning It was frustrating as I really wanted to get up and get started on the unpacking and sorting the washing. But rules are rules and I am slowly learning acceptance. I live life now to M's rhythm, not least I am is a work in progress.

Oh...I finally finished the punishment novel on the last day on the beach. I guess it was beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it was 345 pages of German to read (I need the practice). Secondly, it was another of M's creative punishments to remind me that an outburst of male ego will no longer be tolerated in future.

Time for a big Christmas food shopping now. Off to Aldi.


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