Thursday, 8 March 2018

Late home again

My work life is a mess at the moment. I am working crazy hours, at full speed, just to stand still.

In November M enrolled us both for a social activity which we go to weekly on Thursday evenings. She always stresses that I be home in time. This week I didn't make it. In fact I was over an hour late. I had texted her and told her to go on alone.

I am not happy about it. I can imagine that she is even less happy. She is still there, not back home yet.

When I got home I cleared the laundry, made her breakfast for tomorrow, loaded the dishwasher and changed out of my work clothes (into my pyjamas as it is so late...a pale pink Winnie the Pooh pyjama that M bought for me). I want  to make her homecoming as pleasurable as possible in the circumstances. Afterwards I fixed myself something to eat.

Today also added 3,5 hours to my total of "over work". I am now at about 12 hours, or 24 whacks with the riding crop. I am truly scared of tomorrow. It will be painful. But I know the rules. I have never received that amount of punishment before. I wonder at what point I will break down into a whimpering mess.


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