Wednesday, 7 March 2018


M is a big believer in consequences. You will remember my resistance to wearing the sleeveless jacket. Well next week, the shop finally stocks a male sleeveless jacket and I have been ordered to buy it, from my own money.

So the only money I have access to is that which I earn based on the merit points I accumulate each week. I average maybe 2.5 points, which translates to €5 per week. I currently have about €80 credit. The jacket costs €13, so quit a chunk for me, almost 3 weeks earnings. I asked why I needed one, now that I have the light blue. She said  "Consequences"!. Whenever you misbehave or disappoint me, there will always be consequences.

Speaking of consequences, I am facing into some more, on Friday evening. I have been working many extra hours in the office  and at home on the work laptop. So M has decided to increase the punishment for each hour from one stroke of the riding crop to two. I am currently 9 hours over, and by Friday, it will be maybe 11. I also left the toilet seat up again yesterday and she is adding some more for that. I am already scared. She does not do "pretend" spanks. It is punishment and designed to modify behavior. It will hurt...a lot.

M just said that I can be very happy that I won't be sitting at the toilet seat coloring Christmas Cards!

I was home late tonight. After I had tidied up the evening meal and brought out some garbage, I asked if I could be excused from changing from my work clothes as it was already late. M simply said no. Consequences. She told me it was my problem I was home late and to go upstairs now and change. I must change into female clothing in the house. She says I am noticeably more sub when so dressed.

So consequences are a big part of M's approach to FLR. She is very German in that rules, one made, are set in stone and not to be ignored. Otherwise consequences. So I am sitting here typing this in a denim mini skirt and tights, naturally also wearing my blue sleeveless jacket over a t-shirt that says, The best is just to laugh!


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