Saturday, 3 March 2018

Normal Service resumed

So, as M has written, I was ill for really quite a long time.  In fact I still have an annoying cough even now.

M maintains that I was very lazy during this period. I agree that my service level was low, but I protest a little. Even when at home ill, I had the evening meal ready when she came home each evening and I prepared the yoghurt, berries and muesli that she takes to work each day for breakfast.

I admit that my attentiveness was reduced and I did not go down on my knees each day, as usual, to thank her for the opportunity to serve her. In any event, this week has seen a return to normality.

As M has outlined, I was again on my hands and knees at the start of the week and this has now continued each day.

Yesterday, I delayed going to work for 20 minutes to deal with all the laundry that was hanging out to dry. I knew M would be home from work before me and I didn't want her to have to look at, or tidy up, the laundry.

As it happened, when she came home, she immediately went to the laundry to deal with it and was surprised but delighted to see it gone. She told me so immediately I got home. This was very motivating to hear. One thing that has grown, in my side of our FLR, is a need for affirmation from M. I now crave it to be honest and it is one of the things that drives my service level and attitude.

I have had to work longer hours in the office recently to catch up for my illness. As a result, my "credit" balance of hours worked came to an end. I was 6 hours over my contract at the end of the week. That meant 6 spanks. After preparing the evening meal and then clearing up afterwards I went upstairs and changed into my punishment clothes. The main item is underwear that resembles a ballet tutu.

M chose to use the riding crop that she bought at Christmas. However, while it hurt, it was generally ineffective. I felt she was frustrated and she later confirmed this, so I offered to receive them again.

It is not that I want them, but I am still , mentally, trying to make up for my recent laziness and am looking for ways to gain her approval. Of course she agreed. The truth is, she could have decided this herself anyway. In any event, I fear it will be the wooden spoon today, an implement I live in fear of.

We had planned to go cycling today as the forecast was for a rise in temperatures, but we woke up instead to a blanket of snow. I lit the fire and prepared breakfast. I think we will have a day inside today instead, except for some grocery shopping. M has also instructed me to clean up one of the basement rooms. That will keep me busy for a while.

Last night in bed, M teased me and edged me to the limit of my frustration. As a result I am addicted to her today. When she engages me in this way, she is impossible to resist and she occupies a major part of my thoughts.


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