Saturday, 3 March 2018

Spanked again!

So M decided to use the riding crop again. This time, she had me lie flat on the bed so that she could get better purchase on the tool! It certainly hurt more, perhaps not as much as the wooden spoon, but it marks more. I had 6 stripes on my rear end. Now, a few hours later it has faded, and I can sit without a problem.

The temperature rose late morning and melted all the snow. So we went for a short 20km cycle.

As I changed into my cycling clothes I took the opportunity to clip my toenails. They are in a bad state. Constant Nail Varnish does not seem to do them any favours. 3 weeks ago, M told me to take a break and so I have not had to paint them since. M does not use Nail Varnish. Until this FLR, neither had I ! 😊 We have no idea if this is normal or what one should do to better protect the nails. Maybe one of our readers has some advice for us.

I did some clearing in the basement. However it is not finished. I need an hour tomorrow to get it into shape. I found a couple of items to sell on E Bay, so worthwhile today nevertheless. I have a lot of ironing to get through tomorrow so I hope M will allow me out of bed a bit earlier. If not, I will just have to fit it in anyway. The weather is forecast to be warmer so we will certainly cycle longer tomorrow.


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