Sunday, 11 March 2018

That hurt a lot!

I can safely say that the spanking on Friday evening was the most painful yet, by far. M said afterwards that she gave me some extra hard blows because I had missed the social event on Thursday.

Today, she said about Friday, "it cannot have been too bad. You did not cry". 😕😕 I was screaming from the pain of the blows. She told me to be quieter. She had put a Schnuller (Baby dummy) in my mouth and tied a scarf tightly around my head to keep it in place. But seemingly I was still to loud.

I struggled a lot with the first set of blows and although she had tied me so I was largely immobile, I kept falling to one side.  I would struggle and she would help me back up straight again. After 16 blows, I lost all the fight in me and just lay to one side . I stopped struggling to get some control and just gave up. I was sobbing and whimpering (but M says that is not crying!). I just wanted it over.

M was happier at that stage and just kept beating on the same point. 14 more blows. She was determined to leave some marks that lasted most of the next week. I was mentally exhausted and sweating profusely when she stopped.

I looked today and my rear end has a few colours including red blue and purple. But at least the pain is gone.

She reminded me today that we have an important group activity in that social circle next Thursday. She said I will not survive the pain if I miss it again. I hope not to miss it. I am busy in work but I just have to get out Thursday!

I needed to do about 2.5 hour work yesterday to finish some stuff that is urgent in the office. So that meant another 5 blows. I asked M if I could have them this evening instead of next Friday, to clean the slate, so to speak. I am scared of building up too many hours, now that M has upped the punishment to 2 per hour "over" worked.

Thankfully she decided to attack the other cheek today. OMG the pain was again terrible. She knows how to use that wooden spoon. I HATE the thing, and fear it now to be honest. But at least I am back to zero again to start the work week.

I was busy this weekend. M had a number of things outside in the garden that she needed help with. Then I spent today fixing up an old bike she has that she wants to sell. We spent last night at a friends house and she enjoyed bossing me around more than usual. She knows I become more obedient and docile after a beating!


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