Friday, 16 March 2018

Friday spanking again. "Hoch dein Rock und hol den Stock."

Hoch die Haende...Wochenende. So sagen Menschen hier Freitag nachmittags. Aber fuer mich wuerde man besser sagen... Hoch  dein Rock und hol den Stock.

Germans love their weekends. Hoch die Haende ...Wochende translates directly to "hands up, it's the weekend". In English we simply say TGIF !

For me however, it would be more apt to say, raise your skirt and fetch the stick (or wooden spoon in  my case). Work hours were again a disaster. I worked 9 hours over my  (40 hour) contract this week.
18 blows with the wooden spoon awaited me tonight.

M had mislaid a hat she uses for cycling and she offered me a 3 blow reduction if I found it. I searched for one hour but no success. She was kind and gave me a 2 blow remission in any case for my efforts.

M was tired and not in the mood to punish me. I told her not to bother, greatly relieved that I might get a last minute reprieve, like a man suddenly freed from prison. However, she said that strictness was necessary and important. Schade!

My rear end is still bruised from last week's beating. Those 30 blows had hurt so much. The small red mark below was from a "playful" blow she gave me through my clothes before we even started! That says it all about the pain level. It is unreal.

As I related in my last post, M had warned me not to miss the social event on Thursday. I was a couple of minutes late but I did not miss it, so at least this week there would be no "extra hard" blows to endure. That said, I knew how much it would hurt.

My normal punishment underwear was in the washing machine so M told me to put on a string instead. Having tied me securely so that I could not move, she pulled up my dress and pulled down my tights and started.

After 2 blows I was already begging for a pause. The pain of continuous blows is unbearable. So after each blow or two, with me pleading for more time, she would pause for maybe 10 seconds and then resume.

It seemed to last forever and again I was sweating profusely by the end. I was very happy that it was not 30 like last week and that I had taken my 5 "weekend working" blows on Sunday last instead.

So the stinging has not subsided as I sit here writing this and the blue area of my rear end will be even bigger over the next few days.


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