Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Weekend away

M and I have been somewhat swamped in our respective jobs in the first two weeks of January. So it was with some reluctance that we agreed to return to my home country at short notice last weekend, accepting an invitation to a birthday celebration. Taking yesterday off work was a stretch for us both. In fact we have both worked very long days today to catch back up.

All that said, we had a really nice weekend away and M met two of my sisters for the first time. We were in a gastropub on Sunday with my sister and her hubby. It was not so warm, in fact it was decidedly chilly. So after about 10 minutes M told me to walk around and see what other seats were free.

I came back to tell her there was  a free table at the other side to which she replied..."and is it warmer there ?" I had no idea. So she sent me back with the instruction to wait a minute and report back if it was warmer (which it was, marginally).  What my sister made of all of this, I have no idea. I did not ask!

Next day, as M and I took a stroll together, she handed me her handbag to carry as it was heavy and she could not be bothered anymore. So for the next 20 minutes we walked along together with me carrying her handbag.

Not much else to report, except seven edgings Sunday morning that drove me wild! She also had one contraceptive pill left over which she gave to me to swallow!

It will be a very busy few weeks for us both until the end of January but we will try to blog nevertheless. In any case, I am likely to be over my contracted work hours again and M is itching to use her new riding crop!


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