Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Suffering with M

As recounted by M in her post last month" Surprise Shopping Trip", she decided to buy me a 5 pack set of thong panties to wear on the days she has her period. It is meant to engender a bit more sympathy.

So Monday, Tuesday and today I have been wearing them. I hope tomorrow will be the last day.  We have a long weekend planned to kick off our skiing this year and that would not be the most comfortable attire :-).

M has allowed me 2 weeks without nail varnish on my toenails. After 8 weeks they were extremely brittle and cracked.

We are both still busy in work but less hectic than at the start of the month. I am doing well in curbing my working hours and I hope to escape and punishment on Friday. M tried out her riding crop on Monday night. Just two swats. I get credit for them against my next punishment! The pain was different to the wooden spoon. I think the latter is sorer. We will see. I might change my mind when she gets the hang of the crop.


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