Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Light blue!

I was shopping for groceries today when I saw the same sleeveless jacket in light blue. The dark blues were gone. I thought "OK, Strafe muss sein". She will get a light blue now.

So I bought the same jacket in light blue.She wore it and complained. Without a reason I think. It does not look more or less female than the darker one. I really think it suits her very well. She is a winter type and it suits her .

What do you think?  :-)



  1. I like it. Looks ok. He seems to be a manly man, therefore the jacket does not look too feminine on him, imho.

  2. Das finde ich auch. Sein maennliches Ego ist manchmal zu stark.
    I think that do. I have to break down his male ego! M


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