Sunday, 4 March 2018

A spring in my step

What a joy to have warmer temperatures today. It was the first hint of Spring. I wonder if that was behind my compulsion to work and serve today. A touch of Spring cleaning fever perhaps.

In any event, M allowed me to get up at 6.25 a.m.  I was happy about that because I had work to do and did not want to be in a huge rush later.

I tackled the ironing first. In truth, it was not so much, perhaps 25 minutes in total. Then I cleaned out the fire. We have a wood burning stove. However , as I tossed a briquette in yesterday, a bit of plastic binding inadvertently followed it in and made a total mess of the glass front. So a 10 minute cleaning turned into a 40 minute struggle to scrape the plastic off. My own fault. I will be more careful in future.

 I then did one or two other jobs, like preparing M's Monday morning breakfast and placing it in the fridge. I also cleaned  three pairs of her shoes that stood in the hall. Eventually I heard M moving around upstairs, so I prepared breakfast. M's likes herbal tea, a boiled egg, a sliced pear and warm bread rolls with cheese.

As I cleared up after breakfast, M informed me that she did not feel too well and she had a slightly sore throat. So she went back to bed and slept a further 90 minutes.

I have brought my work PC home this weekend. I try to avoid doing this. However I am extremely busy at present and so I worked for two and a half hours after I had cleared up from the breakfast. That will translate into three further lashes of the riding crop next Friday evening. 😬

By the time M came back down, the sun had come out and that Spring feeling was in the air. M decided we would go cycling, so once I finished my work we got ready.  I needed to do a small repair to a wooden ceiling first and so it was almost 2p.m. before we set off. Everyone seemed to be out enjoying the weather. We cycled 32km with a stop along the way, at a still frozen lake.

M was cold  by the time we got home as the headwind we faced still had an edge. We have an infra red sauna and we use it a lot at this time of the year. M went straight in. I made her a coffee as a treat, with Baileys added!, and brought it to her. She was delighted (and so then was I too)

As I later finally sat down to surf, M said that she would love a crepe. So I made two crepes for each of us. It always makes a bit of a mess, but, as they say here in Germany, that's not M's beer (meaning it is not her problem).

So I finally got a chance to post this blog and download today's cycle from my Garmin. M has just informed me that we are going to bed early tonight, so I guess I won't have much surfing time after all. I still must clean the crepemaker once it cools back down.

I know it sound completely crazy to say it, but what a great day all round. In Germany, Sunday is "Ruhetag"...the quiet day. It was for M !😎😎


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